Frequently Asked Questions


Once you download the app, you’ll be able to see stories of impact, find needs and opportunities to help near you, as an individual or group. You will additionally be able to offer specific services of help if you run a business and would like to contribute in this way. Be sure to get the app in either the App Store or Google Play. We’ll send friendly notification letting you know about current needs within your community or from organisations you love to support. Click the link, read the story, and decide if you’d like to help, right from your phone in under a minute. You can choose to donate money, be a part of a group fundraising project or offer to volunteer your time to help someone.

For financial donations, the money will go directly to the organisation for them to source and supply the appropriate item to the individual in need. This will ensure the item gets quickly into the hands of the person who needs it.

There are a range of needs that will vary depending upon your location and the organisations we have partnered with in that area. You might get anything from school supplies for a child in foster care to small furniture items for a family trying to reestablish their life after fleeing domestic violence. Sometimes there may be fundraising opportunities for larger projects such as helping a family rebuild their home after losing it in a bushfire. But no matter your capacity , there’s always something for you to do and contribute towards. Scroll through the needs to see which ones speak to you.

If you run a business and would like to offer a professional service at a discounted rate to people in need, please reach out! You can offer any type of help as long as you are a registered business with the appropriate insurance. This may be offering removalist services to someone fleeing a domestic violence situation to discounted car services to single parents.
When you post these offers of help they will only be seen by the case managers of organisations we partner with and not the individual themselves. If the case manager feels their client or student could benefit from your offer to help, they will reach out on their behalf to make the arrangements.

Please ensure the utmost professional service if offered as feedback is gained. It is also important to note that all liability for the service provided remains the responsibility of the business.

Grab a few friends or get your lifegroup to establish a group to meet needs together. Anyone can make or join a group! You can set goals, chat together and sign up to help others within your area.

If you’re new feel free to get connected via our website and we can help you find a group to join.

We partner with local nonprofits, schools and agencies to source needs. They generally come from social workers, case managers, and other qualified staff members who have a relationship with the person and are helping them in a holistic and collaborative approach. There is a submission and approval process to assure all needs meet our strict criteria and come from trusted sources.

Our mission is to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community and location access can assist this by determining what needs exist near you.

There’s no overhead for you. In fact, 100% of your donation goes to meeting needs. There is an option to provide a percentage of your donation to support the ongoing operational costs of the app, however this is voluntary and not required or incorporated into the cost of the need.

Additionally, some organisations we partner with are registered charities, meaning they can provide you with a tax receipt. Just make sure your email is up to date and in our system.

Some organisations we partner with are registered charities, meaning they can provide you with a tax receipt. Just make sure to check which ones have these capabilities on the app.

Make sure you have your correct email registered with the app and you will receive your receipt via email directly from the organisation. If there is a problem, please contact the organisation directly for help.

Absolutely. We record all the needs, along with the stories, on your profile page. There, you’ll see the number of needs you’ve met, total dollar amounts, and be able to relive feeling good about giving.

Definitely! We are all about collaborating and using what we have to help advance the Kingdom of God. If you like our app and would like to see how you can have the same experience within your church please contact us via the contact button. We would love to hear from you.


There are many benefits for becoming an approved partner. Firstly, you will have the opportunity to promote the needs of your organisation and the people you serve on our platform. We aim to link your needs with resources within the church to fulfil financial needs, fundraising initiatives as well as volunteer opportunities.

Not only will you gain practical support and assistance but you will additionally be able to promote your organisation to a large group of people. You will be able to share stories about your organisation as well as encouraging long term volunteers to join your organisation.

You will be able to see offers of help from within our community and utilise these services if relevant to your clientele. Moreover, you will be able to see and connect with other organisations within the area, chat, share resources and collaborate further.

It’s pretty simple. You reach out to our team who will evaluate your organisation and let you know if you’re a good candidate. Once approved, you will need to agree to our terms and conditions. We will then help get you started on your journey.

For our partner organisations, we look for a few things. Firstly, you must be a registered organisation, agency or school within the community we operate. You do not need to have DGR status, although this is helpful.

Additional things we assess is the organisation’s shared values and your commitment to partnering to reach the same outcomes. Your organisational capacity, leadership, risk management and financial controls, your volunteer management systems as well as your overall reputation within the community.

If your organisation meets our Partnership Evaluation Guide, we will then assess the type and amount of needs you think your organisation will have. If these are a good fit for our app we will commence the partnership process.

You must be the listed person from an approved organisation. Unfortunately individuals are not able to post needs themselves and they must come through as a referral from the approved person/ organisation.

One thing that’s super important – we never ask for any data or personally identifying information (no names of students/clients, addresses, etc.). Instead, we ask that you provide a few details about the person’s story to help supporters understand why that item is important, through our secure organisation platform.

Great question. We look for essential item requests for those you’re serving. Needs can be small or large for physical items or can be something that requires a little bit of manpower through volunteer opportunities such as painting a house, moving ect.
Generally we say to post financial requests under the value of $200 as this seems to be most effective. For bigger projects, we advise you to create it as a fundraising initiative so multiple people can get involved to help.

If you’re not sure you are still welcome to submit the request as it will still go through an approval process before being advertised.

For single financial requests the maximum amount is $200. For requests larger than this we ask you to post it as a fundraising initiative so multiple people can contribute towards reaching the larger amount.

For fundraising initiatives the maximum value is $3,000. This request will stay live until the time the full amount is raised or for 3 months, whichever comes first. If the full amount is not reached we ask that you do not repost the same request.

We ask that you only post a maximum of 10 financial needs and 1 fundraising initiative at a time. Once these have been met you are welcome to continue posting more. These limits will ensure people aren’t overwhelmed with similar requests and ensure that all organisations have an equal opportunity to share needs.

In regards to volunteering opportunities there is no limit to how many needs you can post, however if our data indicates an excessive amount of requests with minimal uptake then these will be reduced by the administrator.

Pure magic. No, but really, we have an amazing team of people who will approve the request, take the information you give us and craft it into the story that your supporters read and then make it available through our app. If they’re moved, they purchase the item right from their phone, and the donation will be given directly to you to source, purchase and provide your client with the item/s they need. We do ask that you provide us with as much feedback and stories of people who have been impacted by the generosity so that we can share these.

When you become an approved partnering organisation we will set you up with your own portal. Through this portal you will have the ability to post needs, share stories, view your impact with an up to date dashboard as well as see and collaborate with other organisations within your community.

Through your portal you will be able to see other organisations we have partnered with, within your community. You will be able to view their profile, email them and collaborate further as desired.

As part of the app, users also have the ability to offer help and services on behalf of their business. If you believe an offer of help could benefit your client or student, you are welcome to utilise this offer by contacting the business directly or by providing the contact details to your client. Please note that these businesses/ services have not been trialed or recommended by our organisation and all offers are utilised at the clients own risk.

We do however, ask for any feedback once utilised and this can be submitted via email.